About Me


As an audio engineer and musician, I believe that signed and independent alike should be able to release high quality music at reasonable price rates. Mixing is one of the most important stages in the audio production chain and numerous artists around the world pay very high prices for this service. Perhaps you have recorded some projects at home or elsewhere but don’t quite feel you have the knowledge or experience to mix it to the next level, this is where mix engineers come in to play. I am a fully qualified audio engineer with years of experience in this field.  My skills and purpose built mixing setup will be able to take your project to the next level. I don’t charge for revisions, I will work until you are completely happy with every single element of your track.

me mixing 1

I am more than happy to provide a free sample of your project if you curious on the quality of my services, just drop me an email at cfarq@live.com if you would like to discuss this further. This will show you the standard your project can be mixed to.  Aside from this, you can find examples of my previous work in Mix Examples.


I  don’t publish a specific gear list, the reason for this is explained in detail here. However, I can ensure you that I utilise tools from various professional audio manufactures. This includes  Roland, Waves, Overloud, Lexicon, Yamaha, Tannoy, ESI, Ultrasone, Mackie, Novation & M-Audio.

Please don’t hesitate to get in touch if you have any questions.


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